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The first line is comforting

May flowers are gorgeous, and the drumbeat of labor is especially powerful. On the afternoon of April 28, President zhang yan, senior vice general manager tang haijiang and other leaders of Exciton came to ningbo no.3 factory to have a deep exchange with their working relatives, extend festive greetings and good wishes to them, and conduct a field survey on the production situation of the workshop.
"Where are you from? "How long have you been working at Exciton? A greeting, a blessing word of god, the heart of the grassroots, the feeling of the staff life.
In view of the difficulties encountered by relatives on the front line of the workshop, zhang yan and tang haijiang also immediately opened an office meeting on the site, and discussed and studied these problems with the heads of the technical department, quality department and production supervisor.
"We benefit a lot by listening to manager zhang's answers to questions face to face. We are more motivated by the affirmation and encouragement from manager zhang and manager tang." Listen at the scene Exciton relatives said.

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