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Sharing experience, growth perception, Exciton staff forum

May Day is approaching, April 16 at noon, Exciton held a "listen to your heart" employee symposium, inviting employees working at the grassroots level to talk about their feelings and share their growing experience and feelings in Exciton.
"This symposium is one of a series of activities held by the company on May Day. On the one hand, it aims to comprehensively understand and care about the staff's dynamic situation through the symposium. On the other hand, it also hopes that they can act as a benchmark to fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity in work." "At the same time, we set up effective communication channels through forums to help people solve practical problems in work and life and create a good corporate culture," said si yuanming, President of Exciton union.
Focusing on work, life, environment, position, promotion and other issues, the members of the symposium expressed their views and spoke up freely, reviewed their work and life since they entered Exciton.

We glow at Exciton
"Just graduated, just want to learn more things, Exciton built a good platform for me." Li meng, the first speaker, joined Exciton after graduating from college. His first job was in the production line.
"Some of the college students who came with me gave up because they had to work day and night, but I set myself a small goal for two years. I thought as long as I kept my heart in, I would always shine through working hard."
Despite difficulties, li meng gained recognition from his leaders and colleagues and gave him support and strength in work and life. Li Meng said. In just four years, li meng also rose to management positions.
Li meng also gave some advice to college students who are working in the frontline: work in the frontline, very down to earth, can learn a lot of things, we should put ourselves in a proper position, lower posture, there will be gains.
"You are the best if you suffer." Only the junior high school graduates he feng feng, now has been a small leadership in the warehousing department, plum blossom fragrant behind is also because of his hard work and struggle.
"I still remember the summer of 2016, when mass shipments were being made and all the departments joined in to assist. It was nearly two o 'clock in the morning." WeChat showed that many of his team members exceeded the 50,000 step count record. The next day, by example, he feng arrived on time.
"" any job is very hard, so don't give up easily and stick with it, you will get different results." " "I also hope everyone should pay attention to safety when working," he said.
Insist on making our dreams come true
"I can write a book about my work experience at Exciton." After coming to ningbo for his first job, fan hong came to Exciton, who was just running the logistics company at a loss at that time. He only hoped to find a company that could cover his expenses.
"I was in the second factory and had been cleaning for three months, and I couldn't learn how to look at the membrane." Fan said he was anxious to give up, but he told himself that he could not easily be defeated by the difficulties.
From breaking the brake to learning to start up with the supplier and then to enduring 14 hours to work together with the company leader for the 500 meters sample, gradually, fan hong found out a set of working methods.
"I don't think changing jobs frequently is conducive to personal growth. We need to think about whether we have a breakthrough in our abilities, whether we are familiar with the work process, what we can do now, and only with our qualifications and skills can we have more opportunities." Fan said that perseverance is a dream, and he is grateful to Exciton for building the learning channel, so that he has achieved the improvement in his academic degree.
"I'm glad I stuck with it." Yang chunxing came to Exciton's first month, not well adapted, strange work content, let him have been deterred. But to his delight, the intellectual humanistic care is warm. "Mistakes were made. Instead of criticizing me, the leadership met to discuss solutions. Some of the work can't be done because of fat.
Not long after, Yang chunxing was promoted to be the head of the night team because of his diligent work. Maybe you don't have confidence in yourself. "But I can't let that trust down," Mr. Yang said.
"No surprises, only can't be done." In the first 2 months, this group will make a mistake, which will seriously affect the work efficiency. Yang chunxing and the leadership together set a goal, gradually improve. In the end, we achieved a good result without any mistakes in two years.
Stir up the spirit of hard work
"At Exciton, I've changed a lot." Liu yanzhao is the last speech, he said with emotion. Having been in the army, he had no experience of working in a factory. After arriving at Exciton, he gradually accumulated the knowledge of materials, raw materials and packaging materials under the guidance and help of the old employees and achieved rapid growth. In 2010, he took charge of a piece of content. "It was hard work, and people had to move and lift them. In 2013, after the third plant went into operation, liu held a meeting to take care of the shipment of the two plants, often staying up until 2 or 3 o 'clock in the morning.
"It's hard, but it's worth it if it works." After he was transferred to the logistics post, he began to learn management knowledge and integrate into the logistics team, sharing weal and woe with them and entering the baking room of more than 40 degrees together, liu said.
"In Exciton, I have gained a lot, such as the personality improvement, before the temper is more fiery, but now a lot of changes; For example, I used to be a poor speaker, so I could speak for a minute or two on stage, but now I can speak for more than half an hour. "Said liu yanzhao.
Everybody's speech also aroused many people's resonance, the small meeting place again and again rang the applause. In the future, he said, such seminars will be used as a system to hold regular employee seminars and invite different representatives to attend to get their opinions.

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