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The volunteers help the "xingbao" exercise

They had starlight clear eyes, but they seldom described to their mother what they saw; They had angelic smiles, but they seldom told their father of one kind of happiness or sadness. They are known as "the children of the stars", with varying degrees of social dysfunction, often living in self-closed worlds and enduring inner loneliness that no one else can fathom.
In order to help the "Xingbao" to better fit into society, to improve the understanding of people with autism, from ningbo city charity federation, ningbo radio and television group economic radio (FM102.9), and other units organized, ningbo star treasure autism family support center, assisted the fourth Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd etc ningbo star treasure family sports on huamao foreign language school.

Hello, my name is Exciton volunteer.
“Where are you from? You signed in here a few years ago.”
“We are Exciton volunteers.”
On Sunday, March 25, at 7:00 am, at the entrance of the gymnasium of China foreign languages school, Exciton volunteers in blue clothes were working in an orderly way. Some were responsible for check-in, some for collecting clothes and labels, some for transporting sports props With enthusiasm and energy, they are waiting for the "star treasure" family and the family of loving volunteers.
Behind the orderly enthusiasm is every volunteer keeping in mind the mission and responsibility of guarding "star treasure".
"we gave the volunteers a meeting ahead of time and assigned the tasks of the team leader, vice-captain and staff." According to the person in charge of Exciton human resources department, as the co-organizer, Exciton volunteers need to be involved in the whole process, from signing in to guarding each "star treasure" family. Although there are many "tasks", they do not affect the enthusiasm of employees.
This year, tao xianbing was the first one to sign up after the recruitment information of the volunteer activities of the xingbao games. He has been participating in the volunteer activities of xingbao for the fourth year. "I have never been to xingbao before, and I went there in the first year to answer the company's call. But after meeting them, I found that xingbao are very cute and talented, and the paintings are excellent. They can bring happiness to them by accompanying them, which makes me very happy." So every year, Mr. Tao actively participates in the program.
Such volunteers are growing inExciton. " less than 10 people participated in the first year and there were more than 70 this year, and we have all built a deep relationship with 'star treasure'." The person in charge introduced.
No sign, no card, this is not "overtime" "overtime" activities, affecting everyone's heartstrings. In order to be on time, many people get up early in the morning at 5 o 'clock. At 6:30, the bus left from Exciton's factory and no one was late.

Take your time. We'll join you
This is a special sports meeting of 32 "xingbao" families which are cared by dozens of loving families and more than 100 volunteers. "Crossing the river by feeling stones", "striking the west", "passing t-shirts", "sending chicken MAO xin", "rainbow cave" More than 10 interesting projects were completed by "star treasure" and the team members.
Although the competition is relatively simple, it is not easy for "star treasure". Each action requires patient and repetitive guidance over and over.
"Take your time "At the event, volunteers held the hands of" star treasure "and accompanied them. Under the encouragement and affirmation of everyone, "star treasure" the challenge pass again and again, on the face always be filled with the smiling face of joy.
"As long as they are taught patiently, they will try their best, with great fortitude on small steps." "The volunteers felt. "" there's a lot of power in the parents of 'star treasure' and 'star treasure' that moves us.
The good times are over with laughter. Taking photos is more of an appointment for next year.
"Shall we play together again next year?
For five years, Exciton has been adhering to the corporate culture of "passion, innovation, integrity and responsibility", cultivating the cultural atmosphere of volunteers, enabling more people to inspire homo sapiens to be more volunteers, and passing on love with their actions. In addition to delivering warmth and care in life, Exciton has donated over 100,000 yuan to xingbao for its rehabilitation training since 2015.
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